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  • Your parcel
    • 1. What can I send?
      You can send everything, except for the following objects, and as well as what is prohibited to send by any of the countries where the parcel is going through -  according to the laws or the rules of selected couriers. Parcels must be duly packed.

      We cannot ship the following items (the list is non-exhaustive):
      - High-value items (works of art, jewellery, precious metals, gems), documents, money, lottery tickets, securities, diplomas, identity documents and other items which are impossible to restore or replace by equivalent.
      - Materials included into list of dangerous materials of the United Nations Committee by experts, weapons, narcotics and psychotropic substances.
      - Items, goods, materials, shipment of which is prohibited by the law of at least one of the countries through which the parcel is transported.
      - Tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.
      - Human remains or body parts.
      - Animals and plants.
      - Perishable food or non-food products and items, shipment of which requires special equipment, safety measures, permits or other special conditions

      Please note that the sender is responsible for the parcel content and packing. If you are not sure, whether you can send one or another item, please read the rules of the selected courier services or contact us.
    • 2. Is the size and weight of the parcel limited?
      Our online parcel delivery platform brings together thousands of international and domestic carriers. Thus, we will always put our efforts into trying to find empty space for your parcel on one or another carrier’s transport.
    • 3. How do I measure the size and weight of a parcel?
      You can weigh your parcel using ordinary bathroom scales: weigh yourself without and with a parcel and then calculate the difference. This will be the weight of the parcel.
      You can check on the Internet (e.g. eBay) what the weight of a similar item is and what its size is. This may be found in the item description.

      When sending a parcel to another country, weight and size are very important because they affect the price of delivery and it helps us avoid additional charges or parcel detention.
    • 4. What if a parcel weighs more than specified in the order?
      We understand that sometimes mistakes happen. However, we ask you to weigh and measure your parcel very accurately - even small deviations can turn into considerable volume errors and disruptions while delivering a parcel.
      We can offer you the best price as we use empty places available in other couriers’ transport. This means that it is very important for both you and us to measure the size, weight and volume of the parcel accurately. In case of a suspected fraudulent delivery, we reserve the right to claim for compensation.
    • 5. Where can I send a parcel from/to?
      Our online platform connects international and domestic carriers from different countries. The number of our partners is constantly growing. If the country from/to which you are shipping a parcel provides a courier service - we will try to contact them and help you.
      Unfortunately, at the moment we are unable to deliver parcels to the following countries: Cuba, Ghana, Iran, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria. 
    • 6. What does a standard parcel insurance up to 25 EUR guarantee?
      All parcels delivered by Parcel ABC are insured up to 25 EUR for free. If the package has suffered damage, please contact us. We will investigate the incident and do our best to compensate for the losses as soon as possible. If the parcel value exceeds 25 EUR, we recommend additional insurance cover.
    • 7. How can I additionally insure my shipment?
      We cooperate with various insurance companies. There are several standard parcel insurance levels. Every time you value your parcel for more than 25 EUR, the system will offer some additional insurance options.
  • Price
    • 1. How do I know how much shipment costs?
      Please enter your parcel data in the order window and our system will immediately offer you several options for optimal delivery. To find out a preliminary price of the delivery, you do not have to enter an exact postcode.
    • 2. What does the price of the parcel depend on?
      It depends on the weight, size, and shipping route of the parcel -  as well as on your selected time period for reaching the recipient.
      Our aim is to offer an optimal delivery route and the best price without compromising the quality of the service. Therefore, we carefully follow all parcels and rank carriers.
      Parcel ABC guarantees the best price. Therefore, if you have found a better offer online for your parcel, please contact us and we will do our best not to disappoint you. 
    • 3. What is included in the shipping price?
      Delivery price includes all costs for parcel shipment from your selected location to the parcel receiver and additional related fuel taxes.
    • 4. Why is the Parcel ABC price so low?
      We are an online parcel delivery platform that combines a number of international and local carriers around the world.
      We can offer you the best price and quality as we are monitoring and using empty places in other carriers' transport - if there is an empty place, why not to take one more parcel for a lower price? This offers great benefits to you and to our carriers.
    • 5. How do I pay for the shipping service?
      Currently, you can pay for delivery services via credit-card, E-wallet or a secure and convenient system Paysera (with ability to pay with credit cards) and PayPal. 
  • Your quote
    • 1. How can I get a quote?
      Click on "Get a quote" in the top menu. In order to see an indicative price, you do not have to know the post code. Our system will select and propose several best offers for price, time and quality.
      In order to send a parcel you do not need to be registered in our system. It will automatically create an account for you, if you want to continue using our services. 
    • 2. What should I do if I do not know a post code?
      In order to find out an indicative price, post code is not necessary. However, you will need it you want to know an exact price, and most importantly – in order for your package to reach the recipient quickly and on time. Post codes of all countries are available on the Internet. 
    • 3. How to use the ParcelABC system?
      It is as easy as ABC. Enter parcel data into the table "Get a quote”.  

      A. Table "Quote results" shows best offers for price, time and quality, automatically selected by the system. Select your best option. Click on "Choose this service”.

      B. Shipping details. Enter precise data of the parcel and recipient. All parcels are insured free of charge up to 25 EUR. If the parcel value exceeds 25 EUR, we recommend insuring them additionally.

      C. Payment. Carefully check your order once again, select a payment method and pay the entire sum specified in the field TO PAY.

      Having made payment order, you will see a window PAYMENT SUCCESFUL. Here you will see all details of your order (parcel number and destination, order numbers, etc.). We will send you an order confirmation, stickers to affix on the parcels and a VAT invoice, if requested.
    • 4. Why is it good to have an account with ParcelABC?
      The system will automatically create an account for you the first time you use it. It is very convenient because next time you will not need to re-fill in your address and you will see all your orders and their statuses. You will only have to log in to your account.
    • 5. Where can I find my orders?
      All orders and history can be found by logging into the account. Click on "Login" in the top right corner and enter your password.
    • 6. Forgotten your password?
      In the login window, click on "Forgot your password?" and enter your email address. We will send you a new temporary password.   
  • Packing and labelling
    • 1. How do I pack a parcel?
      It is important to pack a parcel so that its contents are protected from common transportation risks and ensure that the parcel will not damage other parcels. If you are not sure how to pack the parcel, we advise you check on the website of a selected courier.

      What we recommend: 
      - Pack your parcel in firm boxes with equal sides, preferably new. After placing an item into a box, fill in the empty space with the packaging material which will prevent an object from moving. 
      - Do not overload a box.
      - Pack each fragile and breakable item separately. Items should not touch the bottom and sides of the box.   
      - Do not save on a packing material (bubble film, foam, corrugated cardboard, wool, etc.) to keep things in the box more stable.
      - Put axial insert into the pipe-shaped parcels.
      - Solid, tidy, non-disassemble objects without sharp and protruding corners, such as boards, panels, barrels, suitcases are not necessary to pack. 
      - If you are sending the package with an object to a buyer, pack it into an extra package for transportation.

      Please note that:
      - Outer packaging withstands diagonal drop of 80-90cm in height;
      - Containers with liquids should be tightly closed;
      - Lids on drums, bins should be tightly fitted;
      - Adhesive tape cannot become loose; 
      - Fragile items are to be packed carefully and not to touch each other;
      - Packaging withstands static pressure which is by 4-5 times bigger than its weight;
      - Large shipment (cabinets, machine tools, etc.) are to be firmly attached to the pallets and not to fall down;
      - Outer large parcel package protects the contents from damage during loading.
    • 2. How do I label a parcel?
      Having paid for the shipping service, we will send all the necessary labels with your address and the receiver's address, directly to your email. Print out and stick them on the upper largest part of the parcel.
  • Contract, other documents
    • 1. Order contract
      When you select a courier and pay for the service, we will send you an email with all information about the shipment, parcels and tracking codes. In the next email, you will receive labels which you will have to print and stick onto your parcel.
    • 2. Claims
      We want you to be 100 percent happy with our services. However, if you are not satisfied with the quality of our service, please feel free to contact us. We will carefully investigate the problem and reply to you as soon as possible.
    • 3. Liability of Parcel ABC
      We are an online parcel delivery platform that combines a number of international and local carriers. Each courier service may have its own rules and conditions. We kindly ask you to read and follow them when shipping a parcel.
  • Parcel collection and tracking
    • 1. When does a courier arrive?
      You will receive information about the parcel pick-up and delivery, together with the order contract to your email. You can see the parcel status and information on the tracking, by logging in to your Parcel ABC account and entering your parcel registration number.
    • 2. What should I do if I am busy at the agreed time and unable to hand over a parcel?
      Hand the parcel over to a courier on the date in your order. If you know that you will not be able to do so, please contact us as soon as possible.
    • 3. What documents should I give to a courier with the parcel?
      No documents are required. Hand over to the courier a properly packed parcel with clearly visible labels, which we will email to you immediately after paying for shipping. If you have not received these labels, please contact us.
    • 4. Does a courier have the right not to accept my parcel?
      Yes, a courier has the right not to accept the parcel if it is unpacked or packed improperly, with no labels, and does not comply with the size specified in the order, etc. 
    • 5. Will a courier wait while I pack a parcel?
      A courier has the right not to wait until a parcel is packed or repacked. It will be easier if you prepare a parcel correctly before the arrival of a courier.
    • 6. Will a courier load my parcel?
      We deliver parcels door-to-door. Most of the couriers carry and load parcels with a total weight not exceeding a particular size defined in the service rules (about 30 kg). 

      Heavier parcels that do not require additional loading equipment may be taken to the vehicle by a courier for an extra fee. Check with the details on the website of a selected courier.

      Parcels, which require loading machinery, are loaded into a courier's vehicle by the sender. 
    • 7. What should I do if a courier does not arrive at the agreed time?
      Check if your order has been accepted. If you have received an email saying that your parcel will be collected but a courier did not arrive, contact the parcel courier service that had to collect the parcel and contact us. Do not forget to quote your parcel registration number.
    • 8. How do I know what is happening with my parcel?
      It is simple and convenient with Parcel ABC. By clicking "Track a parcel", enter the parcel registration number and our system will show you the exact status of your shipment. It is very important for our partners to deliver a parcel at the agreed time and update information on your parcel every 24 hours.
    • 9. Who can collect my parcel?
      We will deliver the parcel to your exact address and recipient or his/her authorized person.
      Parcels addressed to a person's place of work or school, dormitory, military service or prison, sanatorium or hospital are delivered to the administration or its authorized persons.
      Parcels addressed to a legal person are handed over upon signature of an indicated person or another employee of the same company administration on the parcel packaging.
    • 10. What documents do I need to collect my parcel?
      While collecting a parcel, a courier asks the recipient to show an identity document with a photograph (passport, identity card, driving license).
      A person collecting a parcel must specify his/her name, signature, sign on data storage and/or paper delivery confirmation, as well as enter a parcel delivery date, time and signature.
    • 11. What should I check when receiving a parcel?
      When receiving a parcel, the recipient, in the presence of a courier, must inspect the parcel package. If there are any noticeable defects, the recipient must note them on the parcel delivery confirmation and fill in a form specifying package defects -  provided by a courier together with him/her.
      Our partners will assume no responsibility for the damage of a parcel or its part, if at the time of receiving the parcel these defects were not noted and confirmed and signed by a courier and the recipient.
    • 12. What if the recipient refuses to accept a parcel or the recipient has not been found at the address specified?
      The parcel will be returned to the sender, and we will inform you about it by email. If you wish, we will deliver an undelivered parcel for the recipient repeatedly for an additional fee.
      If not due to a courier's fault, the parcel is not be delivered to the recipient within 7 calendar days after its dispatch, the shipment is returned to the sender without a separate agreement.
      Parcels that cannot be delivered to the recipient or returned to the sender are stored for several months. You can check the exact time on the website of a particular parcel courier service. 
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